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The Moses® Appliance; The Moses® Appliance. Sleep apnea can cause a number of symptoms and increase the risk of many serious health problems. However, if you are a sleep apnea sufferer, standard continuous positive air pressure CPAP machines may not be effective for you. Dr. The Moses is so effective because it adds a new dimension to oral appliance sleep therapy. The Moses is one of the newest oral appliances on the market, and it is revolutionizing the way dentists treat obstructive sleep apnea in patients.

The Moses® Sleep Appliance. Sleep apnea is a serious, sometimes fatal medical disorder that affects around 10% of American men over the age of 40, and 6% of American women of the same age. Sleep apnea sufferers completely stop breathing during sleep, sometimes hundreds of times in a single night. The Moses® appliance has been shown to be the most effective oral airway dilator available for dentists to use in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea OSA. By incorporating tongue management, the Moses appliance has improved on the effectiveness of simple mandibular advancement splints. The Moses appliance is designed for optimal comfort while you wear it each night. With the device in, you can talk, drink water, and close your lips while you sleep. These benefits are not possible with other kinds of treatments, making Moses the most comfortable option for those with sleep apnea. Seeking Sleep Apnea Treatment? If you’re. The Moses® and the Moses® Elite appliances have an advancement screws on each side of the appliance for mandibular advancement. Each turn of these screws from bar to bar advances the mandible approximately 1/8 mm. Six millimeters of anterior movement is possible. Dr. FAQs. What is the difference between The Moses® and Moses® Elite? The body of The Moses® Elite appliance is fabricated with Visiclear® which is more flexible and stronger than methyl methacrylate. It is possible to change the verticle dimension of The Moses® Elite in the office.

The Moses Oral Appliance is by far the most comfortable intra-oral appliance we have found and is the appliance Dr. Kraver wears every night. In the morning after wearing any intra-oral appliance that repositions the lower jaw, the teeth and jaw joints do not match up correctly. This is the biggest complaint concerning intra-oral device. Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances & Dental Devices. Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea – Oral Appliance Therapy. “Sleep Apnea Mouth Device” Summary: Oral appliance therapy, also known as mandibular advancement device or splint MAD, MAS for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. Treating Sleep Apnea Improves Quality of Sleep and Overall Health. Traditionally, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure CPAP therapy has been used to treat OSA, but patient compliance has suffered due to the noisy, clunky and uncomfortable facial mask and machine enabling this treatment. THE MOSES EXPRESS. The Moses Express is a new, FDA cleared intraoral mouthpiece for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. Based on the same principles of the successful Moses appliances, it is the first such adjustable, customizable device that can be delivered chairside in 10 minutes or less.

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